Saturday, 27 October 2012

T-Codes for Payroll

PC00 - Run Payroll
PC10 - Payroll menu USA
PE00 - Starts Transaction 
PE01 - Schemas
PE02 - Calculation Rules
PE03 - Features
PE04 - Create functions and Operations
PE51 - HR form editor
PRCA - Payroll Calendar
PRCT - Current Settings
PRCU - Printing checks USA
PRD1 - Create DME
PU01 - Delete current payroll result

PC00_MXX_CALC - Executing Payroll
PC00_MXX_CALC_SIMU - Executing payroll in test/simulation mode
PC00_M99_ABKRS Specify a payroll area
PC_PAYRESULT - Checking payroll results
PC00_M99_CWTR - Wage type reporter
PC00_MXX_CDTA - Run Preliminary DME Program
PC00_MXX_FFOT- Create the DME file

PC00_M99_DLGA20 - Use of wage types in payroll
PC00_M99_CIPE   - Creating posting runs
PCP0 - Display posting runs


PC00_MXX_CEDT - Remuneration Statements
PDF7 -  Delete Form in Customer Client
PDF8 - Copy Form from SAP Client to Customer Client
PDF9 - Copy Form within Customer Client
PC00_MXX_CLGA00 - Wage Type Statement
PC00_MXX_CLGV00 - Wage Type Distribution
PC00_MXX_CKTO - Payroll Accounts
PDF0 -Conversion Report for Remuneration Statement Forms
PDFA - Conversion of Payroll Journal Forms

(XX = Molga)


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