Saturday, 27 October 2012

T-Codes for PA

PA10 Personnel File
PA20 Display HR Master Data
PA30 Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 Personnel Actions
PA41 Change Entry/Leaving Date
PA42 Fast Entry for Actions
PA51 Display Time Data
PA53 Display Time Data
PA61 Maintain Time Data
PA62 List Entry of Additional Data
PA63 Maintain Time Data
PA64 Calendar Entry
PA70 Fast Entry
PA71 Fast Entry of Time Data
PAC5 Maintain HR Master Data
PAL1 Create Sales Representative
PAL2 Display Sales Representative- a display transaction
PRMD Maintain HR Master Data
PRML  Set Country Grouping via Popup
PRMM Personnel Actions
PRMO  Travel Expenses : Feature TRVCO
PRMP  Travel Expenses : Feature TRVPA
PRMS Display HR Master Data
PRMT  Update Match code
PS03  Info type Overview
PS04  Individual Maintenance of Info types
PT01 Create Work Schedule
PT02 Change Work Schedule
PT03 Display Work Schedule
PTG3 Display Qualifying Day Pattern (GB)
PU00 Delete Personnel Data
PU03 Change Payroll Status
PU90 Delete applicant data
TPED Maintain HR Master Data (ESS)
TPES Display HR Master Data (ESS)
TPMD Maintain HR Master Data
TPMM Personnel Actions
TPMS Display HR Master Data


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