Tuesday, 19 November 2013

PA and Payroll Infotypes

Just got a good piece of information while surfing internet. Summarizing it for the benefit of all.

The infotypes may be categorized as below, with each category comprising of group of infotypes.

  • · Personal Data (International)
  • · Personnel actions (International)
  • · Organizational Data (International)
  • · Contractual and Corporate Agreements (International)
  • · Payroll Data (International)
  • · Reporting Bases (International)
  • · Employee Qualifications (International)
  • · Communication (International)
  • · Authorization Management (International)

Personal Data (International)
  • · Addresses (Infotype 0006)
  • · Bank Details (Infotype 0009)
  • · Challenge (Infotype 0004)
  • · Personal Data (Infotype 0002)
  • · Family/Related Person (Infotype 0021)
  • · Internal Medical Service (Infotype 0028)
Personnel actions (International)
  • · Actions (Infotype 0000)
Organizational Data (International)
  • · Cost Distribution (Infotype 0027)
  • · Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001)
  • · Reference Personnel Number (Infotype 0031)
  • · Reference Personnel Number Priority (Infotype 0121)
  • · Sales Data (Infotype 0900)
Contractual and Corporate Agreements (International)
  • · Company Instructions (infotype 0035)
  • · Corporate Function (infotype 0034)
  • · Internal Control (infotype 0032)
  • · Works Councils (infotype 0054)
  • · Objects on Loan (infotype 0040)
  • · Contract Elements (infotype 0016)
  • · Powers of Attorney (infotype 0030)
Payroll Data (International)
  • · Payroll Status (Infotype 0003)
  • · Basic Pay (Infotype 0008)
  • · Appraisals (Infotype 0025)
  • · Loans (Infotype 0045)
  • · Additional Off-Cycle Payment (Infotype 0267)
  • · Employee Remuneration Information (Infotype 2010)
  • · Additional Payments (Infotype 0015)
  • · Export Status (Infotype 0415)
  • · External Salary Elements (Infotype 0579)
  • · External Bank Transfers (Infotype 0011)
  • · ESS Settings Remuneration Statement (Infotype 0655)
  • · Notifications (Infotype 0128)
  • · Deduction Limits (Infotype 0165)
  • · Membership Fees (Infotype 0057)
  • · Insurance (Infotype 0037)
  • · Recurring Payments/Deductions (Infotype 0014)
  • · Time Quota Compensation (Infotype 0416)
Reporting Bases (International)
  • · Date Specifications (Infotype 0041)
  • · Monitoring of Tasks (infotype 0019)
Employee Qualifications (International)
  • · Other/Previous Employers (Infotype 0023)
  • · Education (Infotype 0022)
  • · Qualifications (Infotype 0024)
Communication (International)
  • · Communication (infotype 0105)
Authorization Management (International)
  • · Test Procedures (Infotype 0130)

Further details can be read under http://help.sap.com

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

HR Function Modules

List of some Important Function Modules used in HR:

  • HR_GET_LOAN_BAL_PAID_AMT - get the loan balance

Authorization Check:

To Get HR-Infotypes:

To check Infotypes, to perform operations and to check log info:

To get the country code and maintain masterdata:

To support User Exit:
  • EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Country Specifics - Great Britain


Country Specific Infotypes- Great Britain


Below is the list of tables for UK. Here G is meant for Great Britain.
T5G01 Tax Rates
T5G02 Special Tax Code
T5G03 Tax Increase and Limit
T5G05 NIC Limits
T5G06 NIC Percentages
T5G08 NI Control Data Texts
T5G09 NI Categories (GB)
T5G0A Employee Group/Subgroup
T5G10 Pension Fund
T5G15 Court Order Deductions
T5G16 Court Order Indicator
T5G1T Pension Fund Texts
T5G20 SSP System Data (GB)
T5G21 SMP System Data
T5G22 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern
T5G23 Time Models for SSP Qualifying Day Patterns
T5G24 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern Calendars
T5G25 Occupational Sick Pay Schemes
T5G26 OSP-Related Data for SSP Offsetting
T5G27 SSP Rates Payable (GB)
T5G28 SMP Rates Payable
T5G2E SSP/SMP Exclusion Reason Texts
T5G2F SSP/SMP Exclusion Reasons
T5G2T Text for Occupational Sick Pay Schemes
T5G30 Pension Schemes
T5G31 Pension Contribution Calculation Rules
T5G32 Pension Holidays
T5G33 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule Bands
T5G34 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Flat Rates
T5G35 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Percentages
T5G36 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Mix
T5G37 Pension Scheme Types
T5G3T Pension Scheme Names
T5G40 National Insurance Earnings Ranges
T5G41 National Insurance Percentage Rates
T5G4T Text for Court Order Indicator
T5G50 Tax Districts
T5G51 Payroll Area PAYE Reference
T5G52 Tax District and Reference Details
T5G53 Permit Numbers
T5G54 End Of Year Processing Stamp
T5G55 HR-GB: Default Tax Code
T5G5T Tax District Name
T5G61 Business Mileage Bands
T5G62 Payment of Petrol Costs (Based on Engine Size)
T5G63 Payments for Private Fuel (Basis: Car List Price)
T5G64 Unavailability Reasons
T5G6T Unavailability Reasons Text

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

ASAP Methodology

ASAP Methodology

ASAP stands for Accelerated SAP. Its purpose is to help design SAP implementation in the most efficient manner possible. Its goal is to effectively optimize time, people, quality and other resources, using a proven methodology to implementation. ASAP focuses on tools and training, wrapped up in a five-phase process oriented road map for guiding implementation.

The road map is composed of five well-known consecutive phases:
  • • Phase 1 Project Preparation
  • • Phase 2 Business Blueprint
  • • Phase 3 Realization
  • • Phase 4 Final Preparation
  • • Phase 5 Go-Live and support
For further reference, please refer the given link: http://wiki.sdn.sap.com/wiki/display/SM/ASAP+Methodology

Saturday, 25 May 2013

PY QnAs Set 3

Q. Priority for deductions for deduction wage types 
A. Priorities can be set for each deduction wage type. This is done using table V_T51P6.
  • The priority field assigns a priority to any deduction wage type used in arrears processing.
  • In the arrears functions, deductions are sorted according to the priority assigned to them and processed in this order. The highest priority deductions are subtracted from the net amount first, then the next highest and so on in descending order until the net amount has been used up. Within one level of priority, the deductions are sorted according to wage type name. 

Q. Use of processing classes in SAP HR
A. Processing classes are set for each wage type and are used in SAP payroll to determine how that wage type is to be processed. For each processing class, there are usually a number of different options that can be configured.

Q. Pay Scale Groupings for Allowances
A. Pay scale groupings for allowances are used to group employees based on their eligible compensation benefits, i.e. for various allowances, reimbursements and perks.

Each pay scale grouping is assigned to a combination of pay scale level, pay scale area, pay scale type, pay scale group and employee subgroup grouping for Collective Agreement Provision (ESG for CAP).

Q. Basic Codes
A. Basic codes are used to define the basic salary range. The range of basic salary is also referred to as basic slabs. These slabs are used to fix each employee's basic salary.

Q. Wage Type Model for Pay Scale Grouping for Allowances
A. The Wage Type Model indicates which benefits would apply to, or what amounts will be deducted from a particular Pay Scale Grouping for Allowance.

Wage Type Models are a set of 'Wage Types (WTs)' used by SAP. These WageTypes can be an amount or a deduction and  must be prefixed with '20/' to indicate that, a maximum of 20 wage types can be stored in a particular WT model.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Country Codes - MOLGA (Table T500L)

Country Codes (MOLGA) Country ISO Cluster
01 Germany DE RD
02 Switzerland CH RC
03 Austria AT RA
04 Spain ES RE
05 The Netherlands NL RN
06 France FR RF
07 Canada CA RK
08 Great Britain GB RG
09 Denmark DK RM
11 Ireland IE IE
12 Belgium BE RB
13 Australia AU RQ
14 Malaysia MY RL
15 Italy IT RI
16 South Africa ZA RW
17 Venezuela VE VE
18 Czech Republic CZ CZ
19 Portugal PT RP
20 Norway NO RV
21 Hungary HU RH
22 Japan JP RJ
23 Sweden SE RS
24 Saudi Arabia SA AA
25 Singapore SG RR
26 Thailand TH TH
27 Hong Kong HK HK
28 China CN CN
29 Argentina AR AR
30 Luxembourg LU LU
31 Slovakia SK SK
32 Mexico MX MX
33 Russia RU UR
34 Indonesia ID IS
35 Brunei Darussalam BN BN
36 Ukraine UA UA
37 Brazil BR BR
38 Columbia CO CO
39 Chile CL CL
40 India IN IN
41 South Korea KR KR
42 Taiwan TW TN
43 New Zealand NZ NZ
44 Finland FI FI
45 Greece GR GR
46 Poland PL PL
47 Turkey TR TR
48 Philippines PH PH
49 Namibia NA NA
50 Lesotho LS LS
51 Botswana BW BW
52 Swaziland SZ SZ
53 Mozambique MZ MZ
54 Kenya KE KE
55 Angola AO AO
56 Zimbabwe ZW ZW
57 Netherlands Antilles AN AT
58 Croatia HR HR
60 Iceland IS IC
61 Romania RO RO
62 Slovenia SI SI
99 Other Countries 99 RX
AD Andorra AD AD
AE United Arab Emirates AE EM
AF Afghanistan AF AH
AG Antigua/Barbuda AG AG
AL Albania AL AB
AM Armenia AM AM
AW Aruba AW AW
AZ Azerbaijan AZ AZ
BA Bosnia-Herzegovina BA BA
BB Barbados BB BB
BD Bangladesh BD BD
BF Burkina Faso BF BF
BG Bulgaria BG BG
BH Bahrain BH BH
BI Burundi BI BI
BJ Benin BJ BJ
BM Bermuda BM BM
BO Bolivia BO BO
BS Bahamas BS BS
BT Bhutan BT BT
BY Belarus BY BY
BZ Belize BZ BZ
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo CD KO
CF Central African Republic CF CF
CG Congo CG CG
CI Ivory Coast CI CI
CK Cook Islands CK CK
CM Cameroon CM CM
CR Costa Rica CR CR
CV Cape Verde CV CV
CY Cyprus CY ZY
DJ Djibouti DJ DJ
DM Dominica DM DM
DO Dominican Republic DO DO
DZ Algeria DZ DY
EC Ecuador EC EC
EE Estonia EE EE
EG Egypt EG EG
EH Western Sahara EH EH
ER Eritrea ER ER
ET Ethiopia ET EI
FM Micronesia FM FM
FO Faroe Islands FO FO
GA Gabon GA GA
GD Grenada GD GD
GE Georgia GE GE
GF French Guyana GF GF
GG Guernsey GG GG
GH Ghana GH GH
GL Greenland GL GL
GM the Gambia GM GM
GN Guinea GN GN
GQ Equatorial Guinea GQ GQ
GT Guatemala GT GT
GW Guinea-Bissau GW GW
GY Guyana GY GY
HN Honduras HN HN
HT Haiti HT HT
IL Israel IL IL
IM Isle of Man IM IM
JE Jersey JE JE