Q Employee Self Service (ESS)
A .SAP ESS is an efficient means of accessing and maintaining data in real-time by employees through their web browser.It permits the off-load of data entry activities and related tasks that are typically performed in a company's human resources, payroll, benefits and travel departments. 
  • SAP ESS has an intuitive user interface and is therefore ideal for casual users.
  • All the SAP ESS services are workflow-enabled. They work with the same R/3 business objects as the R/3 System. If activities in the business objects trigger workflow events in R/3, then the same activities will trigger workflow events in SAP ESS.  

Q. ESS Benefits
A. Using SAP ESS employees can 
  • Search the who's who
  • Look in their calendar
  • Check workflow work items
  • Ÿ Submit travel expenses  
  • Ÿ Enter their working times  
  •  Enroll themselves for benefits


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