Saturday, 17 August 2013

Country Specifics - Great Britain


Country Specific Infotypes- Great Britain


Below is the list of tables for UK. Here G is meant for Great Britain.
T5G01 Tax Rates
T5G02 Special Tax Code
T5G03 Tax Increase and Limit
T5G05 NIC Limits
T5G06 NIC Percentages
T5G08 NI Control Data Texts
T5G09 NI Categories (GB)
T5G0A Employee Group/Subgroup
T5G10 Pension Fund
T5G15 Court Order Deductions
T5G16 Court Order Indicator
T5G1T Pension Fund Texts
T5G20 SSP System Data (GB)
T5G21 SMP System Data
T5G22 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern
T5G23 Time Models for SSP Qualifying Day Patterns
T5G24 SSP Qualifying Day Pattern Calendars
T5G25 Occupational Sick Pay Schemes
T5G26 OSP-Related Data for SSP Offsetting
T5G27 SSP Rates Payable (GB)
T5G28 SMP Rates Payable
T5G2E SSP/SMP Exclusion Reason Texts
T5G2F SSP/SMP Exclusion Reasons
T5G2T Text for Occupational Sick Pay Schemes
T5G30 Pension Schemes
T5G31 Pension Contribution Calculation Rules
T5G32 Pension Holidays
T5G33 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule Bands
T5G34 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Flat Rates
T5G35 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Percentages
T5G36 Pension Contribution Calculation Rule - Mix
T5G37 Pension Scheme Types
T5G3T Pension Scheme Names
T5G40 National Insurance Earnings Ranges
T5G41 National Insurance Percentage Rates
T5G4T Text for Court Order Indicator
T5G50 Tax Districts
T5G51 Payroll Area PAYE Reference
T5G52 Tax District and Reference Details
T5G53 Permit Numbers
T5G54 End Of Year Processing Stamp
T5G55 HR-GB: Default Tax Code
T5G5T Tax District Name
T5G61 Business Mileage Bands
T5G62 Payment of Petrol Costs (Based on Engine Size)
T5G63 Payments for Private Fuel (Basis: Car List Price)
T5G64 Unavailability Reasons
T5G6T Unavailability Reasons Text


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