Thursday, 11 April 2013

UK Payroll

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 UK Specific Infotypes
  • · 0065 Tax Data GB
  • · 0069 National Ins. GB
  • · 0070 Court Orders GB
  • · 0071 Pension Funds GB
  • · 0084 SSP Control GB
  • · 0085 SSP1(L) Form Data GB
  • · 0086 SSP/SMP Exclusions GB
  • · 0088 SMP/SAP/SPP GB
  • · 0222 Company Cars GB
  • · 0225 Company Car Unavail. GB
  • · 0570 Offshore Tax GB
  • · 0571 Offshore Social Security GB
  • · 0793 Payment Made in Error GB

Q. Tax Code Uplift Report (RPUTCUG0)
A. At the beginning of each new tax year, many of the tax codes allocated to the employees must be amended according to instructions from the Inland Revenue.

The Tax Code Uplift Report (RPUTCUG0) allows you to update tax codes for your employees in a single step, rather than manually entering information on employees’ infotype Tax Data GB (0065) records. Report RPUTCUG0 does so by creating a batch input session which you then process to create new infotype 0065 records for all employees whose tax codes have changed.

You can also run this report for employees whose tax codes have not changed.

Although the Tax Code Uplift Report is designed primarily for use at the start of the new tax year, you may also need to run it during the tax year, for example, after receiving a form P7X (and general instructions to increase or decrease tax codes) or form P6(T) from the Inland Revenue.


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